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            The Yo Call Screen & Emoji Contacts is a rep

            • 軟件版本:v1.0.16
            • 授權類型:國產
            • 收費類型:免費
            • 軟件語言:簡體中文
            • 更新時間:2022-05-09 14:35:27
            • 應用平臺:android
            • 軟件類型:社交通訊
            • 軟件大?。?em>5.91M



            The Yo Call Screen & Emoji Contacts is a replacement full caller screen for your android full call screen.You can customize the call screen themes your phone notifies you upon incoming screen call. It also provides video call screen for you, which means that you could upload your own video or gif and set it as a caller screening.Besides,it supports fancy locker with beautiful wallpapers.Your screen background shows the coolest and high-definition wallpapers which bring visual shock to you..!!What’s more, it can add funny emoji into contacts’ nickname. And show the full screen photo like OS 10. Now download this app and get one day VIP user for free..??! == -Cool Features== - ★【 Very easy to understand user interface.】you can set to customize the android full call screen theme for your smartphone in just very simple steps.★【 Call screen for incoming calls.】There are various cool and cute caller ID screen themes. Choose a theme you like and preview it directly. Convenient and fluent operation makes you amazing!!★【Cool and fantastic themes for your choice.】.Once you choose a theme on the “Home” interface, set it for someone or for all only depend on yourself, really flexible and good.★【 Set personalized theme for individuals.】In our incoming call screen you can view your contacts list clearly, categorical according contacts’ initial letter.★【 Add funny emoji into contacts’ nickname.】There are different kinds of funny emoji which can be added to the contact’s nickname. Smiling face, Flower, Rabbit… Contacts’ remarks are no longer dull. Really fancy and cool function.!!★【Fancy locker with beautiful wallpapers.】All of wallpapers have CC0 (Creative Common Zero) license, we collect them from www.pixabay.com and www.unsplash.com. You could find the source link url of all wallpapers in App.★【Customize the theme as you like.】Set individual theme for special person if you like. A list clearly shows what themes and emoji you’ve set for contacts. Change or cancel anytime you want. ★【 Upload pictures or videos】Use your own photos or videos as call screen if you like. Not confined to themes we provide.★【 Customize caller design】 Design screen details on your own. Avatar, name & number, answer& hung up action and call identity are all settable.★【Tell Us What You Think】Want to know more about the software? use the “About” option.Want to give us any feedback, feel free to reach us any time. Use the “Feedback” option.We aregratified you “Share” the application to your friends with your good experience. So what are you waiting for?? Download this cool Yo Call Screen to use the fancy and cool incoming caller screen on your android phones and make your friends go crazy seeing screen on your Android!! Do not forget to share this cool android full caller screen to your friends and make them a part of this fun..!!

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